Sunday, September 28, 2014


Big Sur

Last weekend we camped at Big Sur for the first time as a family. It was a quick camping trip I planned for Matt and I to go on but my Mom hurt herself so we ended up taking Nora with us. Saturday started off bad, we had to go see a doctor for Matt to make sure he didn't have a serious infection. Thankfully, it wasn't anything big and he have the green light to go camping.  We left around 1 and arrived around 3:30 after missing the exit for Monterey. Ooops, but we got to see the farming side of Monterey, which was kind of cool to see where our food comes from. 12 artichokes for $1!

The drive to Big Sur includes miles and miles of gorgeous coastline. It was breath taking beautiful. After we set up our tent we went explored around the campsite and played by the water where Matt slipped of a rock and stepped both of his feet into water with no extra shoes for the rest of the trip. 

Then we went for a drive to find a beach to explore but ended up finding the Big Sur "post card" beach and waterfall. It was amazing though you couldn't hike down to it. 

After all the driving we went to eat dinner where we experience our first pleasant dinner at a restaraunt with Nora! She behaved so well the whole time and actually stayed in her seat AND ate her food. And the food, it was SO good!!! 

We ended the night by watching the movie Tangled while cuddled in our tent together as a family. It was so much fun.

In the morning we packed up, ate a delicious breakfast at another little restaraunt and did the 1 mile hike to Andrew Malera beach. It was so beautiful! Seriously one the most beautiful beaches I've seen. 

It was a nice quick getaway, and the beauty I will not forget!