Saturday, December 31, 2011


2011 has been a fun filled year for us! A lot has happened in such a short time. Here is a quick recap of the year in photos.

  We found out we were pregnant.

Matt proposed. (This was on our way home from South Tahoe in front of Bridal Falls.)

We got married.

We went to Kauai for our Honeymoon.

We experienced an amazing pregnancy.

We had our Baby Girl!

I can't wait to see what 2012 has in store for us!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Week 4

Today Nora is already 4 weeks! 
She is getting more alert and responsive everyday. 

She likes to peek with her right eye!

Merry Christmas!

We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Last 3 Weeks

So the last 3 weeks have seemed to FLY by! Nora is getting so big already as you can see in the pics below. Motherhood has been amazing and challenging. There's no better feeling than her falling asleep on me right after a feeding. I want her to stay sleeping in my arms all day (or at least until my arm starts to hurt). Matt is beyond great with her. I love watching them together. He is such a great Dad. 

Week 1 Family Pic

Nora sleeping in her favorite position with her arms up.

Week 2 Family Pic (Parents are a little more tired)

Hanging out in the backyard.

Family Pic Week 3
We took a walk to the lake by our house.

Our little Angel!

Nora and Papa :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

A Few Pictures

Below are a few pictures I took of Nora when she was about 6 days old. Today she is already 3 weeks! (I'm late on this post and will try to add more current pictures soon). Motherhood is much more challenging than I ever imagined! Everyone tells me to cherish these days because they fly by so that is what I am doing (with very little sleep). Nora is an amazing baby. I couldn't have asked for more. Matt is amazing with her. He is such a great Dad and support system to me.

Our wide eyed Nora!

Sleeping like an angel.

Smiley face :)

Her little lips.

Cute little foot.

Her tiny little hands.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


I love this picture of her and wanted to share it! She is such an angel! (I will post more pics of her with her eyes open soon)

Baby Nora is Here!!

Our baby girl is here!!! Nora Larissa was born on Monday 11/28/11. She is the most precious baby in the world! We are so in love with her! So far she has been the most amazing baby! We are the luckiest parents ever to be given such an angel! Below are pictures of the first few days.

Picture before we left for the hospital to become parents!

At the hospital!

Matt ready for the O.R.

Last belly pic!

Parenthood here we come!

Matt holding Nora for the first time.

Me holding Nora for the first time.

Our happy little family :)

Happy Daddy!

Nora in her coming home outfit!

She did not enjoy the car seat her first time in it!

We're home!

Home sweet home.

Aunt Katrina holding Nora.

Nora's first stroll! We got lucky and it was a beautiful warm day so we took her out!

Landon was so excited he wanted to spend the night to help take care of her! He is a sweetheart!

Daddy sleeping with baby girl! <3

Proud Mama!

Getting Nora ready for her first bath!

She loved getting her hair washed!