Saturday, December 3, 2011

Baby Nora is Here!!

Our baby girl is here!!! Nora Larissa was born on Monday 11/28/11. She is the most precious baby in the world! We are so in love with her! So far she has been the most amazing baby! We are the luckiest parents ever to be given such an angel! Below are pictures of the first few days.

Picture before we left for the hospital to become parents!

At the hospital!

Matt ready for the O.R.

Last belly pic!

Parenthood here we come!

Matt holding Nora for the first time.

Me holding Nora for the first time.

Our happy little family :)

Happy Daddy!

Nora in her coming home outfit!

She did not enjoy the car seat her first time in it!

We're home!

Home sweet home.

Aunt Katrina holding Nora.

Nora's first stroll! We got lucky and it was a beautiful warm day so we took her out!

Landon was so excited he wanted to spend the night to help take care of her! He is a sweetheart!

Daddy sleeping with baby girl! <3

Proud Mama!

Getting Nora ready for her first bath!

She loved getting her hair washed!

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