Monday, August 27, 2012


Oh my little Nora... 8 months has been one for the milestones and learning.

In the past two weeks she has started standing all by herself and for a long time. There have even been times when she tries to take steps. There have been a few times where she has taken 1 to 3 steps to the couch from the table and she didn't fall. She is already standing and bouncing up and down and clapping her hands. She also learned how to point her right finger. She touches everything with it. It's really cute.

Another thing I've discovered is that she does know how to fall asleep on her own. She just has to be in a place where is can't pull herself up. Her crib is too much fun for her. Getting to stand and walk around it using the rails is more fun than sleeping. So I let her tumble around our bed until she falls asleep quietly (much better than me wrestling her down every night). I love that we figured out a way for her to fall asleep without tears and screaming. :)

Oh and how can I forget the new duckie face. I haven't been able to get it on camera but it is the funniest face ever! It gets everyone cracking up. Not to mention the snorting. Ever since she learned how to snort she does is every time she laughs!

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