Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Sleepless Days are Over

A small miracle has happened in our house. Nora started sleeping through the night! Last night was night number two that she slept all the way through. I remember the days, mostly middle of the nights, that I longed for this time to come. And it is here.


I have always been against the cry-it-out method. Telling myself that when she is ready it will happen. Not listening to what others told me. I know it's mostly in America that we encourage babies to "learn" to sleep on their own but I really felt that it was not the way to go about it with her. I decided to stop the night time feedings when I was positive that she wanted them only to fall back asleep and wasn't hungry. While there was some crying, I stayed by her each time until she fell asleep. And eventually she stopped waking.

Another small miracle happened in the midst of this. She started falling asleep in her own crib without me in the room! She has always napped on our bed and at night fell asleep on our bed and I would transfer her to her crib. Yesterday, when it was her nap time she kept on playing and playing. I decided to put her in her crib and go lay on the bed so she would still see me. I expected screaming and tears and got a perfectly calm baby playing in her crib. HUH? After 5 minutes I decided to leave the room. I gave her a kiss and told her I will be outside working while she naps. Again, no tears or screaming when I left. And she fell asleep by herself in her crib. Who's child is this?

Now this is all very bittersweet because I feel like now my baby girl doesn't need me (I know she still does for everything else but still). I would spend about 2 to 3 hours a day putting her to bed and now I am writing about her sleeping on her own as she doing it without my help.

I honestly enjoyed the time I spent with my drowsy, sleepy baby as she played till her last drop of energy was gone and she would fall over alseep. And then try to get up and fall over again. I even thought she might have broken my nose a few times as she fell onto my face!

I am happy that she is growing up in her own time and that I didn't push her to do it when she wasn't ready.

Just goes to show that Mama instincts are what's best for your baby over what everyone else says!

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  1. Oh yay! I never let Eli cry it out either, studies show it causes brain damage. I just thought of it the way you did. And he did it when he was ready...not a moment too soon!haha