Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Cuddle

Today was a first I won't forget ever. MY BABY GIRL CUDDLED!!

The thing is Nora is not a cuddler, nope, not one bit. Since she has been a baby she has never liked to cuddle. She is always go go go and do do do. Who needs to cuddle when you could be playing or exploring?

So this Mama is very deprived because I am such a cuddler it drives Matt crazy sometimes. I try and try but Nora has never given in. Not even when sick. She just keeps playing!

So this is a small miracle to me. She was taking a nap and got woken up by the side gate slamming ( thanks to Papa Bear). She screamed for me and when I came in I saw she was still super sleepy so I put her on our bed and laid with her. That's when she came over to me and put her head on mine and I hugged her and WE CUDDLED FOR 5 MINUTES!!

I think this was the best thing that happened in January by far! Such a sweet moment!

Since I didn't get any photos of us cuddling here are some of her playing outside!

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