Friday, March 30, 2012

4 Months of Nora

On Wednesday Nora turned 4 months old!

My little lady is growing too fast for my liking! I feel like she should be about 4 weeks old right now. She continues to melt my heart all the time. Everyday there is something new that she learns. She is so alert in everything she does. The looks she has are so wise, like her little brain is taking everything in and comprehending it.

She is already sucking on her toes, sitting up with a straight back (and some help from me) and talking all the time. I love seeing her smile and hearing her giggle. Sleep training is in the works. She is getting better but that is a whole other post I plan on writing.

I'm thinking of starting her on solids to see how she does since she always watching me eat and trying to grab everything I'm eating.

I feel like before I know it I will be writing her 5 month post!

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