Thursday, July 12, 2012


Last night was one for the Nora book. I was putting her to sleep (which consists of me sitting in front of her crib as she tosses and turns to find the perfect position and release any energy she might have left) she pushed herself up to the sitting position. Right in front of my eyes. My baby can now sit up on her own.

I picked her up (I could tell at this point she was not going down) and we went and told Papa about her accomplishment. Played a little to try to release more energy then tried putting her to bed again. This time I put her in her crib and sat on the couch so she could see me. I heard her shuffling around but didn't think anything of it. She made a her "uh" noise, I made it back, she made it again and I looked up at her from my phone and she was standing up holding to the side of her crib. My baby can now pull herself up.

I think I was went into shock for about 30 seconds. I just starred at her as she starred at me. My baby is growing up so fast. 

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